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Children's Services

Children's Services on Shabbat mornings throughout Summer 2022 in person as follows:

Rimonim youth & family programming will take place at 10:00 - 11:30 AM as follows:

  • Zera’im (newborns to 3): Indoors in the Penthouse.
  • Nitzanim (pre-K to 2nd Grade) & Shorashim (3rd to 5th Grade): Indoors in Classroom 2, with masks and distancing.

For more information about our pandemic safety precautions, please see here.

For those celebrating Shabbat at home or interested in getting more familiar with our children's services, we are happy to provide these resources to support families:

Songbook for Zera'im families (newborns to 3 years old).

Service Outline for Nitzanim families (4 years old to 2nd Grade)

Service Outline for Shorashim families (3rd to 5th Grade)

See below for video guides for all childrens' services!


Zera'im (0-3) Shabbat Morning Guide

Nitzanim (PreK-2nd) Shabbat Morning Guide

Shorashim (3rd-5th) Shabbat Morning Guide

Additional downloadable PDF's:

Modeh Ani - I Give Thanks


Blessing Children


Blessings before & after eating


Ritual Ideas



FTJC welcomes families of all kinds into our community. Each Shabbat at , beginning at 10:30am,  we hold age-appropriate children’s services and programming that are warm, vibrant and accessible, whether you are new to Shabbat services or familiar with them.  All are welcome!

See the Table Below for all Shabbat morning programming for Zera'im, Nitzanim, and Shorashim for Summer 2022:


Zera’im (0 to 3)

Nitzanim (preK-2nd)

Shorashim (3rd-5th)

First Period

Supervised Free Play

Supervised Free Play (Classroom 2, with Diya and/or parents)

Supervised Free Play (Classroom 2, with Diya and/or parents)

Second Period

Zera’im Tefillah
(Penthouse, with parent leaders and/or Diya once a month)

Nitzanim & Shorashim Combined Tefillah
(Classroom 2, with parent leaders and/or Diya twice a month)

Nitzanim & Shorashim Combined Tefillah (Classroom 2, with parent leaders and/or Diya twice a month)


Anafim / ענפים / Branches (6th – 8th Grade)

As they approach b'nei mitzvah, we welcome and encourage our Anafim (middle school students) to join the main congregation for Shabbat morning davening.

Machloket Matters 
Shabbat afternoons, 3:30-4:45pm in the Penthouse
Jan 29, Feb 26, Mar 26, May 21, May 28, Jun 18
In our lives, it’s inevitable that we disagree with the people we care about, whether that’s about politics or curfew. Jews are famous for this—but we have a special way of disagreeing with each other, one that allows us to discuss and resolve issues peacefully. Come learn about the art of Machloket, constructive disagreement, and how you can practice this skill yourself!

Family Experiences

Chavurot / Family Learning Groups – this year we are hoping to build family learning experiences that cater to family needs and desires on a small scale. If you are interested in joining with other families in the community to participate in guided learning, please contact Diya Moushahwar, our Youth & Family Educator & Community Organizer at

Resources for Family Learning – we are working to build our resources to help families learn together at home. Please check back for our growing resource library, and for now enjoy the following helpful tefillah / prayer resources:

Modeh Ani - I Give Thanks

Blessing Children

Blessings before & after eating

Ritual Ideas

Zera'im Siddur

Wed, February 8 2023 17 Shevat 5783