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Kashrut guidelines at FTJC seek to promote these Jewish values in our community:

יראה / Yirah / Awe – We are careful to observe the halachah of kashrut with high standards, with a sense of mitzvah and mindful intention.

אחדות / Achdut / Unity – Even as we recognize a diversity of practice in our individual lives, FTJC gathers for meals as one community, building relationships and bonds at meals where everyone is able to eat.

נדיבות / Nedivut / Generosity – We joyfully welcome the contributions that all participants can make to our communal meals.

נאמנות / Ne’emanut / Trustworthiness – We rely on one another’s good will and good faith to adhere to our community guidelines.

For our complete kashrut guidelines, including how we handle catering, kiddush, and potlucks, please see our Kashrut Practices document (PDF).

Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyyar 5784