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Program Overview


Zera’im / זרעים / Seeds (Ages 0 - 3)

Weekly Saturday Morning Tefillah / Prayer - Zera’im weekly Shabbat morning tefillah / prayer, “Seeds of Prayer,” takes place at 10:45 AM outdoors at Bennett Park or indoors in the Penthouse. Until then, Zera'im children are welcome to free play beforehand (with supervision from their grownups).

Monthly Shabbat Yoga - Little ones and their grownups join educator Pam Skop to move in Shabbat Yoga. This is a monthly program held outdoors at Bennett Park or indoors at the Penthouse 10:45 - 11:30 AM.


Nitzanim / ניצנים / Sprouts (Pre-K - 2nd Grade)

Weekly Limmud: "Parsha Play" - Nitzanim meets weekly at 10:00 AM in Classroom 2 to learn about this week's Parsha trhough games, movement, and storytelling with Diya Moushahwar.

Weekly Shabbat Morning Tefillah / Prayer - Nitzanim weekly Shabbat morning tefillah takes place at 10:45 AM in Classroom 1 with educator Ana Inés Rubinstein.

Monthly Shabbat in Motion:  Join Nitzanim once a month for Shabbat in Motion with Dani Apple in Hebrew Tabernacle's Classroom 2 from 10:00-10:15 AM.  Shabbat in Motion will be an opportunity for our Nitzanim to learn more about this week's Parsha or upcoming holidays through movement and games.  Please check the calendar and mark the dates for the year! 

Shorashim / שורשים / Roots (3rd - 5th Grade)

Weekly Shabbat Morning Tefillah / Prayer - Shorashim weekly Shabbat morning tefillah takes place at 10:00 AM in Classroom 1 with educator Noa Rubin.

Weekly Limmud: "Torah Stories" - Shorashim meets weekly at 10:45 AM in Classroom 1 to learn, play, and think about the stories and lessons in the Book of Genesis (Sefer Beresheit). Torah Stories will include acting, playing games, having debates, and engaging with Torah in age-appropriate ways.


Anafim / ענפים / Branches (6th - 8th Grade)

Weekly Shabbat Morning - As our Anafim students are approaching their B'nei Mitzvah years, they are invited to join the congregation during davening on Shabbat mornings as well as take up volunteer roles and honors! Please write to Diya, Director of Youth & Family Learning, with any questions about how to get involved at

Havdalah Hang - We are teaming up with Hebrew Tabernacle for a month Havdalah Hang.  Come for Havdalah, games, snacks, and hanging out with other Jewish teens in the neighborhood!  Please check the calendar and mark the dates for the year!

Machloket Matters - Join us for a monthly Machloket Matters with educator Maxine Berman. In our lives, it’s inevitable that we disagree with the people we care about, whether that’s about politics or curfew. Jews are famous for this—but we have a special way of disagreeing with each other, one that allows us to discuss and resolve issues peacefully. Come learn about the art of Machloket, constructive disagreement, and how you can practice this skill yourself! These are held on the following Shabbat afternoons, 3:30-4:45 PM in the Penthouse: Jan 29, Feb 26, Mar 26, May 21, May 28, Jun 18.

Rimonim Torah School

RTS s the newest expansion of Rimonim: FTJC’s Youth and Family Learning program and will meet Tuesdays 4-6pm starting fall 2022. Youth in Nitzanim (K-2nd Grade) and Shorashim (3rd-5th Grade) are welcome to join us! 

Hebrew Chavruta Online is how we teach Hebrew literacy for tefillah and Torah reading at Rimonim Torah School! Students will be connected to our Hebrew Specialist Dani Apple to learn in pairs for 30-45 minutes each week.

Family Beit Midrash is a four-part Shabbat afternoon program to supplement Tuesday’s Rimonim Torah School learning. Family Beit Midrash is open to all students enrolled in the Torah School and will take place on four afternoons in November, January, March, and May from 12:00-3:00pm of this school year at Hebrew Tabernacle (551 Fort Washington Ave). This program is an opportunity for students, siblings, and caregivers to engage together in a deeper learning as our inaugural cohort. This year’s theme will be about lifecycles! Family Beit Midrash will take place after shabbat morning services, including lunch, learning for caregivers with clergy and for children with educators before coming together for singing and refection  

!Registration is now OPEN!

Racial Justice Parenting Group

Rimonim's Racial Justice Parenting Group was born out of an expressed desire and commitment to raising anti-racist youth during the Fall 2021 community-wide racial justice workshops. We have a WhatsApp group which serves to both share recommended resources and be a space of support. We also host volunteer-led workshops - please join us for our third meeting of the year on February 1, 2023. Please email Ilana for more details!

Do you want to find out more about Rimonim? Please sign up here to help us get in touch with you, or email our Director of Youth & Family Learning, Diya Moushahwar.

Wed, February 8 2023 17 Shevat 5783