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Rimonim Logo: A Family Learning Environment

Rimonim (which means "pomegranates") is the growing model for family and youth education at the Fort Tryon Jewish Center. Below you can find information about programs for each age cohort and additional family experiences.

Zera’im / זרעים / Seeds (Ages 0 - 3)

Weekly Saturday Morning Tefillah / Prayer - Zera’im weekly Shabbat morning tefillah / prayer, “Seeds of Prayer,” takes place at 10:40 AM in The Penthouse. Until then Zer'aim children are welcome to free play in Classroom 1 from 9:00-10:40 AM (with supervision from their grownups).

Seeds of Shabbat - monthly gatherings for children 0-3 and their grown-ups: Join us for a Shabbat experience filled with songs, stories, hands-on activities and community-building as we teach our children about Shabbat and upcoming holidays.

**Zera’im Seeds of Shabbat meets monthly on Shabbat afternoons.


Nitzanim / ניצנים / Sprouts (Pre-K - 2nd Grade)

Shabbat Yoga: - Nitzanim will have Shabbat Yoga twice a month in the Penthouse from 9:45-10:30.  Shabbat Yoga will include text, learning and movement and will be a fun, educational, and meaningful way for the Nitzanim children to release some energy on Shabbat mornings.  Fall dates are: September 29, October 13th and 27th, November 3rd and 17th, and December 15th.

Weekly Shabbat Morning Tefillah / Prayer - Nitzanim weekly Shabbat morning tefillah takes place at 10:40 AM in Classroom 1 preceded by snack.

Nitzanim Sprouting Mitzvot - monthly experiential and service-based learning about mitzvot. Programs will incorporate key Hebrew words and phrases, Torah learning, and fun and meaningful ways of engaging with others in the community.  This program will take place once a month on Shabbat afternoons.  Please look at the calender for details.


Shorashim / שורשים / Roots (3rd - 5th Grade)

Weekly Shabbat Morning Tefillah / Prayer - Shorashim weekly Shabbat morning tefillah takes place at 9:45 AM in the Library followed by snack.

Weekly Limmud: "Torah Stories" - Shorashim meets weekly at 10:40 in the Penthouse to learn, play, and think about the stories and lessons in the Book of Exodus (Sefer Shemot). Torah Stories will include  acting, playing games, having debates, and engaging with Torah in age-appropriate ways.

Shorashim God-Talk - In this monthly class we will learn about God—we ask “Big Questions”: What is God? What does Judaism have to say about God? Is God a person, a thing, an idea, a force? How does the language and imagery we use affect the way we conceive of and talk to God in our prayers and private reflections? We address these questions and more through looking at our siddur, Torah, stories, and poetry, and learn how different names and language give us different access points to understanding God.  Please look at the calendar for details.


Anafim / ענפים / Branches (6th - 8th Grade)

Programming info coming soon...


Teens (9th - 12th)

Programming info coming soon...


Family Experiences

Mishpacha Minyan - Our family minyan meets seasonally to bring in Kabbalat Shabbat together Chavurot / Family Learning Groups - this year we are hoping to build family learning experiences that cater to family needs and desires on a small scale. If you are interested in joining with other families in the community to participate in guided learning, please contact Mira, our Youth & Family Community Organizer at                                     

Resources for Family Learning - we are working to build our resources to help families learn together at home. Please check back for our growing resource library, and for now enjoy the following helpful tefillah / prayer resources:

Modeh Ani - I Give Thanks

Blessing Children

Blessings before & after eating

Ritual Ideas

Zera'im Siddur


Shabbat & Holiday Programming

FTJC welcomes families of all kinds into our community. Each Shabbat at  beginning at 9:45am, we hold age-appropriate children’s services and programs that are warm, vibrant and accessible, whether you are new to Shabbat services or familiar with them. Come for singing, grape juice, and challah. All are welcome!

We offer holiday programming that helps children and their grownups become familiar with key symbols, rituals, and practices of major holidays. Check the FTJC Calendar for updated information about holiday programming.

Do you want to find out more about Rimonim? Please sign up here to help us get in touch with you, or email our Youth & Family Educator & Community Organizer, Mira Kessler.


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