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Kashrut guidelines at FTJC seek to promote these Jewish values in our community:

יראה / Yirah / Awe – We are careful to observe the halachah of kashrut with high standards, with a sense of mitzvah and mindful intention.

אחדות / Achdut / Unity – Even as we recognize a diversity of practice in our individual lives, FTJC gathers for meals as one community, building relationships and bonds at meals where everyone is able to eat.

נדיבות / Nedivut / Generosity – We joyfully welcome the contributions that all participants can make to our communal meals.

נאמנות / Ne’emanut / Trustworthiness – We rely on one another’s good will and good faith to adhere to our community guidelines.

Kashrut Practices

Mon, May 20 2024 12 Iyyar 5784