Below you will find descriptions and contact information for each of the FTJC committees. Email the chair(s) if you would like to get involved or have questions.

Building Committee (David Libchaber, Paul Woody,
The Building Committee works on all aspects (design, construction, financial, legal) of completing the building renovation and reoccupancy.

Finance Committee (Sara Farber-Smigel,
The Finance Committee approves all synagogue expenditures and is responsible for investing its funds, as well as raising money for the synagogue.

Life Cycle Committee (Dina Mouldovan,
The Life Cycle Committee coordinates meals for people sitting shiva, members experiencing injury or illness, and those who have had a baby. The Committee also supports members in need and helps celebrate in times of joy.

Membership & Community Committee (Noah Allen,
The Membership & Community Committee works to steward the shuls members and potential members throughout the year and to help ensure FTJC remains a warm and inviting community. This includes coordinating meals for members that go through a life cycle event, greeting community members at services, coordinating Shabbat and Holiday meals, coordinating visits to the elderly or ill, to serve as a sounding board and strategy hub for unmet needs of the community. 

Programming Committee (Yonah Kirschner,
The Programming Committee schedules and plans all non-ritual adult programming at FTJC. These events range from communal Friday night dinners to holiday-related social events like the Yom Kippur break-fast and the Hanukkah party to cultural events like concerts and poetry readings.

Rabbinic Advisory Committee (in process)
The Rabbinic Advisory Committee meets periodically with the rabbi for informal dialogue and feedback about the rabbi’s work and the rabbi-congregation partnership. The goal is to have open communication that enables the rabbi and congregation to be effective and mutually supportive in serving and building our community.

Ritual Committee (Jack Murad and Seth Guthartz,
The Ritual Committee works with the Rabbi to set religious practices at FTJC. The Committee supervises the selection of daveners for Shabbat and Yom Tov services.

Rules Committee (David Gross,
The Rules Committee is charged with the review and proposal of amendments/modifications to the FTJC Bylaws. The Committee is responsible for interpretation and determinations with regard to questions pertaining to the FTJC Bylaws and other rules.

Social Action-Social Justice Organizing Team (Ray Levi, Maddie Richer,
The Social Action-Social Justice Initiative works to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood and city for all its residents. Current action teams include Housing, Environment, and Internal Social Justice (which focuses on diversity and inclusion within FTJC).

Website Committee (Seth Guthartz,
The Website Committee is charged with the design and upkeep of the website. The committee coordinates with the synagogue’s committees and groups to maintain a current and useful web presence.

Youth and Family Committee (David Gross, Shira Jacobson,
Staff: Youth and Family Community Organizer, Laynie Soloman,
The Committee serves as a leadership team for all of Rimonim: A Family Learning Community at FTJC, encompassing five age cohorts, children’s services, educational programming, holiday celebrations, and more.

Sat, 29 April 2017 3 Iyyar 5777