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Prayer Resources - Shabbat

We are happy to provide these resources to support personal and home prayer during the pandemic.

Shabbat Prayer for Grownups

A Guide to Shabbat Prayer at Home (downloadable PDF)

Shabbat Prayer for Families with Children

Songbook for Zera'im families (newborns to 3 years old).

Video Guide for Zera'im families (newborns to 3 years old).

Service Outline for Nitzanim families (4 years old to 2nd Grade)

Video Guide for Nitzanim families (4 years old to 2nd Grade)

Service Outline for Shorashim families (3rd to 5th Grade)

Video Guide for Shorashim families (3rd-5th Grade)

Special Bonus:

Challah Recipe by Josh Cohen! (PDF)

Shabbat Shacharit

Shabbat Musaf

Mon, September 21 2020 3 Tishrei 5781