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Preserving the health of our congregation: Shabbat and other in-person events will be suspended for the next two weeks

Over the last several weeks, we have all tried to keep pace with the rapidly changing conditions related to COVID-19. The FTJC Officers and Rabbi Guy Austrian have given a great deal of thought to how we might respond, with the goals of preserving the health of our congregation, protecting our community’s most vulnerable members, being conscious of an overburdened medical community, and assuring that we are present to support one another.

Shabbat services and other in-person events continue to be SUSPENDED, at least through April 20. We will continue to revisit this decision on an ongoing basis according to guidance from medical and public health authorities.

These difficult decisions are made with deep respect for our community and our neighbors, and the need to stay healthy, save lives, and support our overburdened medical professionals. Our relationships are our greatest strength, and there is much we can do to stay present for one another and to remain in community during the coming weeks.

Daily and weekly virtual gatherings can be found, with Zoom links, on our calendar.

Passover guidance including many online opportunities are viewable here.

Join Us For Yesodot - Foundations Gala

cartoon drawing of megillah with wine cup and hamataschen

An independent traditional egalitarian community in Northern Manhattan

As an independent congregation that has long been an anchor of the Jewish community in Washington Heights and Inwood, we have thrived by evolving with our neighborhood and our membership. Today, the congregation is a diverse mix of families and individuals from many backgrounds. Our egalitarian services and our traditional ritual — spiritual, tuneful and participatory — attract people of all levels of observance.

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cartoon drawing of megillah with wine cup and hamataschenPassover 2020 with FTJC: Another World is Possible 

It's going to be a strange and unusual Passover in this time of the coronavirus epidemic. But FTJC is here for you with guidance and resources for a chag kasher vesame'ach, a kosher and joyful holiday. We can do it! Our collective journey from oppression to liberation continues. Step by step, we'll get closer to that better future that's just over the horizon.

cartoon drawing of megillah with wine cup and hamataschenPurim with FTJC 

Purim is an exciting time at FTJC. We celebrate with feasts, fun, retelling and listening to the story of Mordechai, Esther, Vashti, Achashverosh, and the wicked Haman. This year as always we have a jam-packed schedule of programs. Plus info on preparation and mitzvot, including Mishloach Manot.

green tree of sefirotTu Bishvat with FTJC 

Find the first spark of spring in the depths of winter, and celebrate the mystery and divinity of Creation. We're organizing two beautiful, rich, and musical Tu Bishvat Seders, one for children and one for adults 

rimonim logo - pomegranate with seedsRimonim: A Family Learning Community at the Fort Tryon Jewish Center 

Join Us for Purim celebrations!

All Ages- On Monday, March 9th from 5:30-7:30 join us for the Rimonim Purim Party.

Zera'im (0-4yrs)- On Saturday, March 28 from 4-5pm, join Zerai'im for Seeds of  (post) Purim.

Nitzanim (PreK-2nd)- On Saturday, March 7th , join us for a Purim edition of Growing into Jewish Holidays from 3-4:30pm.

Shorashim (3rd-5th)- On Sunday, March 8th from 3-4:30pm, join us for a Purim Edition Kulanu:Jewish Cultures.

Anafim (Middle School)- On Saturday, March 28th from 7-9pm, join us as we team up with Hebrew Tabernacle for a Post-Purim Havdalah Hang!

rimonim logo - pomegranate with seedsBook Talks by FTJC Authors 

We're thrilled to feature our talented FTJC members who are publishing new, relevant, and exciting books! A series of three readings over the course of this year, on topics from mysticism and science to pregnancy and health care.

Wed, April 1 2020 7 Nisan 5780