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High Holidays 5782-2021

As we read in the Book of Samuel on Rosh Hashanah, Hannah prayed with all of her heart. In spite of -- and because of -- the difficulty of this pandemic period, we will be striving to pray with Hannah's intensity and hope. Together we can create a deep and joyful experience of realigning our lives and our relationships to help us become the people we aspire to be. Our holiday experience wouldn't be complete without creative and fun programming for children and families.

How to Join Us for the High Holidays

Our High Holiday services are open to all, and all are welcome. This year we will conduct in-person services at both indoor and outdoor locations.

Pre-registration is required for all participants. Our Covid-19 guidelines are described here. Attendance is limited to ensure social distancing, and if registration exceeds our cap then a lottery will be used to allocate seating. Register here by the deadline of Tuesday August 31, at 5:00 PM. 

If you’re a member, as in prior years, High Holiday attendance is included with your membership, although due to Covid, pre-registration and a lottery will be required to allocate at which services each household can be seated. New members can join here and existing members can renew their membership here. Please note: this year we will not be printing paper entrance cards; your name will be on a list with the greeters at the door.

If you are not yet a member and aren't ready to become one, that's OK too! However, like everyone, you must pre-register, and if registration exceeds our attendance cap then members will be given preference in the seating lottery. We also ask that non-members make a donation if you plan to join us for the High Holidays. We depend primarily on community support for our programming, including High Holiday services, and we thank you in advance for your generosity. Our standard recommended donation is $180 per person and can be made by clicking hereNo one will be turned away for lack of funds. If you would like to discuss an alternative payment arrangement, please e-mail

Members who wish to bring guests who will be staying with them are welcome to do so by pre-registering them as part of your household and making an additional donation, as described for non-members above.


Elul Programming

The month of Elul helps us enter the atmosphere of the holidays and do our spiritual work and personal education. Elul can show the way to a powerful experience of this year's High Holidays, no matter where we are or who we're with.

Elul Learning (Zoom) with Rabbi Guy Austrian: Why Are We Forgiven?
Thursday August 26
8:15 PM

During the High Holiday season, we focus on how to do teshuvah and ask for forgiveness. But the response--forgiveness itself--remains mysterious. Transformative and yet elusive, both human and divine. Why does God forgive us? Why do we forgive each other? Can we forgive ourselves? We'll discuss these questions together, looking at key parts of the Yom Kippur service. And we'll try to prepare our hearts for the holidays ahead. Zoom link. Password required.

Selichot Night
Saturday August 28
11:30 PM, Hebrew Tabernacle Social Hall

Rabbi Guy Austrian will lead us in these traditional late-night prayers, full of singing and longing for forgiveness, as the lead-up to the Days of Awe intensifies. Due to Covid precautions, attendance will be limited and pre-registration required by Thursday August 26 at 5:00 PM. The service will also be livestreamed; for more info please e-mail

Resources for the High Holidays
Video Recordings of High Holiday Highlights
Enjoy moving and joyful highlights recorded by beloved FTJC prayer leaders, plus Torah readings from the scroll, and shofar! All videos are posted here.
Zera'im (0-3 yrs)
Nitzanim (PreK-2nd) and Shorashim (3rd-5th)
Anafim (6th-8th)
Rosh Hashana Family Movie Night
We have created a discussion guide for the movie Groundhog's Day and how it relates to Elul themes of teshuvah. Groundhog's day can be found for free on Amazon Prime, or it can be rented on Youtube for $3.99. The movie is rated PG, but you can find a synopsis here to make sure this movie feels appropriate for your family to watch together. You can find the discussion guide here.


Outdoors in Community
Shofar in Bennett Park
Tuesday, September 7
4:00 PM

Can't make it to services this year? Shofar will be sounded for the community at large by members of FTJC, the Beis Community, and the Hebrew Tabernacle. Thirty blasts to fulfill your mitzvah to hear shofar on Rosh Hashanah.

Tashlich at the Little Red Lighthouse
Tuesday, September 7
5:00 PM

FTJC and our neighbors at the Beis Community will meet at the Little Red Lighthouse under the George Washington Bridge at the edge of the Hudson River. Please bring your own bread and some for others! RAIN DATE: If the weather is rainy on Tuesday, September 7, then Tashlich will be held on Wednesday, September 8 at the same time, 5:00 PM.


Kol Nidrei Food Drive

Once again, FTJC will be collecting donations for the food pantry at the Jewish Community Council of Washington Heights-Inwood. Please bring kosher-certified, unopened, unexpired, non-junk food before Kol Nidrei. Suggested items include tuna, rice, beans, oatmeal, pasta, canned veggies, etc. Grab an extra can or box from your pantry shelves or add something to your shopping cart. A little goes a long way for people in need. All donations will be distributed directly and promptly to individuals and families of all backgrounds right here in the neighborhood. As we prepare for the fast day of Yom Kippur, let's remember to help those who struggle to put food on their plates. Thank you in advance for participating in this important mitzvah!


Schedule of Prayer Services 

All holiday services will be available outdoors at the Cabrini Shrine (CS), 701 Fort Washington Ave, north of West 190th Street. On Rosh Hashanah, our indoor location will be at the Hebrew Tabernacle (HT), 551 Fort Washington Avenue at West 185th Street--enter on Fort Washington Ave. On Yom Kippur, our indoor location will be at the YM/YWHA of Washington Heights and Inwood (Y), 54 Nagle Ave. All locations have wheelchair accessibility. To discuss accessibility needs, please contact

Selichot Saturday August 28 11:30 PM HT
Rosh Hashanah – Minchah/Ma'ariv Monday September 6 7:00 PM CS
Rosh Hashanah – Shacharit/Musaf Tuesday September 7 8:30 AM CS, HT
Shofar in the Park Tuesday September 7 4:00 PM Bennett Park
Tashlich Tuesday September 7 5:00 PM Little Red Lighthouse
Rosh Hashanah – Minchah/Ma'ariv (Learning session in between) Tuesday September 7 7:00 PM CS
Rosh Hashanah – Shacharit/Musaf Wednesday September 8 8:30 AM CS, HT
Rosh Hashanah - Minchah/Ma'ariv (Learning session in between) Wednesday September 8 7:00 PM CS
Fast of Gedaliah Thursday September 9 7:00 AM CS
Shabbat Shuva – Minchah/Kabbalat Shabbat/Ma'ariv Friday September 10 6:50 PM CS
Shabbat Shuva – Shacharit/Musaf Saturday September 11 9:30 AM CS
Shabbat Shuva – Minchah/Ma'ariv Saturday September 11 7:05 PM CS
Yizkor (Zoom) Tuesday September 14 8:15 PM Zoom (e-mail for link)
Yom Kippur – Kol Nidrei Wednesday September 15 Seating 6:15 PM; Start 6:30 PM CS, Y
Yom Kippur – Shacharit/Musaf (with Yizkor) Thursday September 16 8:00 AM CS, Y
Yom Kippur – Minchah Thursday September 16 4:45 PM CS, Y
Yom Kippur – Ne'ilah Thursday September 16 6:15 PM;
Fast ends at 7:44 PM



Rimonim: FTJC's Family Learning Community -- High Holidays Programming

Children love the holidays, and we love children. We will be offering engaging programs and prayer services throughout the High Holidays, for a wide range of age groups from infants to middle-schoolers.

Childcare is available for children ages 6 months to 5th grade. Childcare will be available near Cabrini Shrine at Javits Playground, for children from 6 months old through 5th grade, during the morning services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, as well as for the Yom Kippur evening services of Mincha/Ne’ilah/Ma’ariv. Childcare registration is now closed.

The full schedule for childcare and programming can be viewed here and it consists of age-appropriate services (tefillah) and programs, leaders, as well as snacks!

If you have any questions relating to children and families on the High Holidays, please email Diya Moushahwar, FTJC’s Youth & Family Educator & Community Organizer. We look forward to celebrating with you!

Good to Know for Your Access, Comfort, and Participation:

  • Hebrew Tabernacle: For FTJC services, please enter and leave via the Fort Washington Avenue entrance of the building. (Hebrew Tabernacle services enter on 185th Street.) There is a low ramp from the sidewalk, and a more steeply inclined ramp to the Main Service level. Men’s room is in the classroom hallway behind the Social Hall (up three stairs or a small ramp); women’s room is near the entrance (no stairs); a single-user all-gender bathroom is on the 2nd floor (one flight of stairs up, by the entrance). Classroom 2 will be available as an air-conditioned cooling room and quiet calming room, limited to five people at a time for social distancing (via double doors on south side of the Social Hall).
  • Cabrini Shrine: Services will take place on the lawn under a professional canopy. Men's and women's restrooms are accessible by a ramp to the main doors at the front of the Shrine. A single-user all-gender bathroom is through the blue door near the lawn, but is not wheelchair accessible. Other spaces around the edges of the lawn or under the Shrine's overhang may be used as quiet calming areas or as a place to discreetly eat or drink if you are unable to or should not fast on Yom Kippur due to medical conditions, eating disorders, or other factors. If you have questions about fasting, please contact Rabbi Guy Austrian.
  • The Y: Services will take place in the first-floor Auditorium, which is wheelchair accessible from the main entrance. Some of the front doors will have their motion sensors turned off and may be opened manually.  Men's and women's restrooms are available on the first floor; diaper-changing tables are available in the 2nd-floor restrooms, one of which will be marked "all genders." The Lobby will serve as a quiet calming space for anyone who finds the Main Service overstimulating; please do not congregate and make noise in the Lobby. The small "Room 1" behind the Auditorium will be available as a discreet place to eat or drink if you are unable to or should not fast on Yom Kippur due to medical conditions, eating disorders, or other factors. If you have questions about fasting, please contact Rabbi Guy Austrian.

  • Greeters will be near the entry to help you find anything.
  • A booklet will be available with service times, service outlines, alternative readings, and more.
  • Feel free to bring a cushion if it will help you sit for long periods.
  • Feel free to bring a book or other reading to help you enter the spirit of reflection and teshuvah of the holidays.
  • Breastfeeding and bottle-feeding are welcome, with discretion and consideration. Other kids’ snacks should not be in the Main Service, please.
  • Children's services and learning will be in many different rooms, please check the schedules all around, and please ask if you need help finding a room.
  • Children must be supervised by grownups at all times--either family, childcare staff, or program leaders--due to the high volume of people and programming. Please explain this to your children in advance. Thank you.
Wed, October 20 2021 14 Cheshvan 5782