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Mechirat Chametz - Authorization for Sale of Chametz

1. If possible, all chametz – food not acceptable during Pesach, or materials containing such unacceptable food – should be given away or destroyed by Saturday March 27, 2021, at 11:45 AM (in Washington Heights and Inwood). Should this be impossible or would entail a substantial loss, the remaining chametz may be stored in such a way that we are sure not to see it or use it during the holiday, and its actual ownership is transferred to a non-Jew until the holiday ends.


2. If you will be located, at the end of Pesach, in a time zone to the east of U.S. Eastern time (for example, Newfoundland, Argentina, Europe, Africa, Israel) -- you should not complete this form. Instead, please sell through a rabbi where you will be located, or email Rabbi Austrian ( for guidance.

3. This authorization may be filled out by any adult member of a household or family sharing ownership of chametz, on behalf of that household or family. Roommates who have separate finances and ownership of chametz should fill out the form separately.

4. This authorization covers the primary address that you list, as well as other locations where you may have chametz, such as your office, vehicle, etc. If you have more than one primary address where substantial chametz may be located, you may fill out the authorization again for each address.

5. Rabbi Austrian will convey the list of names and addresses with a formal Shetar Mechirah (Bill of Sale) completed with a non-Jew who will have a key to at least one of the designated locations. Rabbi Austrian will notify you by e-mail after Pesach when the chametz has been purchased back and the ownership has reverted to you.

KNOW ALL PEOPLE BY THESE PRESENTS: That the undersigned, acting on behalf of themselves and members of their household, do hereby make and appoint Rabbi Guy Austrian, rabbi of the Fort Tryon Jewish Center, as the true and lawful representative to act on behalf of the undersigned, to sell all chametz owned and possessed by the undersigned, knowingly or unknowingly, as stated in the Torah and defined by the sages of Israel (including: chametz; chashash chametz – suspect chametz; and all kinds of ta’arovet chametz – chametz mixtures); as well as chametz that tends to harden and to adhere to the surface of pans, pots, or other cooking or eating utensils, of whatsoever nature; and to lease all places wherein the aforementioned chametz owned or possessed by the undersigned may be found, especially in but not limited to the premises listed below. Rabbi Guy Austrian has the full authority and power to sell said chametz and to lease said places wherein said chametz may be found, upon terms and conditions as discretion dictates. Rabbi Guy Austrian has the full power and authority to assign or appoint a substitute or substitutes to act with all the same powers and authority invested in him, and the undersigned hereby ratify and confirm all that Rabbi Guy Austrian or his designated substitute lawfully does or causes to be done by virtue of these presents.

This form closed on 2021-03-25 23:59:00.


Mon, May 10 2021 28 Iyyar 5781